Thursday, April 26

In lieu of a rant or ramble today, I thought I'd let you see more into my personality with something I'm not always too fond of...a survey:

Unveiled Emotions Rainbow

Yellow is happiness....

What person makes you happiest?:

I don't think there is just one person. There seems to be one person for every side of me. Some of my most favorite people are Kandace, Alex, Ashly, and my mother.

Is there a song that just always cheers you up no matter what?:

"Geek in the Pink" by Jason Mraz

Any food or drink that gets you in a cheery mood?:


You are happiest when you......:

When I am doing what I love, like taking pictures.

Are there any images or designs or colours that make you happy?:

I adore green.

Do people generally see you as a happy person?:

I would like to think so.

Are you really a happy person?:

For the most part, yes.

Orange is for anger....

What could someone say to you that would totally piss you off?:

Anything derogatory or closed minded usually lights a fire under my ass.

When you're mad at no one in particular, what do you do?:

Try to take time by myself to figure out where the anger is coming from.

When you ARE mad at someone, what do you do to them?:

Glare, stare, and give the silent treatment.

Do you find yourself angry much of the time?:

Not usually.

Is there anyone in your life whom you just HATE?:

They aren't in my life anymore, but there are 2 people who I just cannot stand at all.

What usually causes your fights with your friends?:

Stupid arguements

Red is for passion....

What is your passion?:


Do you have very strong opinions?:

I do, but I don't like to force them on others. I am very open to the fact that everyone has their own opinions.

What current problem in the world are you most concerned about?:

probably marriage equality and global warming.

Do you like to do artistic things, like write, draw, sing, etc.?:

yes, I write and also love Photography!! ;) I love to sing, but I'm not all that great at it...the car is where i reserve to use that passion.

Do you ever let people other than close friends hear you sing?:

Not usually, but I would if someone asked.

Are you protective of your friends and loved ones?:

very much.

What is something you absolutely love to do?:

I love photography, writing, and swimming.

Pink is for love.....

Do you believe in true love?:

That is a loaded question. Yes, but I don't believe in just one true love.

Do you think long-distance relationships work?:

Depends on the level of trust, but I don't think they are a good idea.

Are you currently in a relationship?:

With my passions ;)

Do you hope to get married someday?:

I think most of us do.

If yes, do you sometimes fantasize about your wedding?:

Not a lot, but we've all had that vision. I do, however, know exactly what my dress will look like.

What is your sexual orientation?:


Do you support gay marriage?:


When dating, do you prefer your partner to be more sexy or cute?:

I don't know, that is a weird question. I'd rather have cute and smart over sexy and moronic.

Purple is for inner strength.....

Where do you feel most peaceful?:

Sitting on my balcony at night when no one else is outside.

What is the one thing that can always calm you down?:


Do you ever feel like you are not in control of your emotions?:


Are you a pushover?:

not at all.

Can you admit that you have faults in your personality?:

of course, everyone does.

Do you have any kind of mental/emotional disorder(s)?:

No, but if i did, do you think i would tell you?

Blue is for sadness.....

Do you feel sad when someone you don't know dies?:

not really.

Do you feel like we need to remember the Holocaust?:

of course, it happened and it was tragic and we should remember so we don't repeat it.

What makes you most sad?:

Thinking about Stefanie

Do you feel lonely often?:

not often, but sometimes.

Worried or anxious?:

Only when there is something to worry or feel anxious about.

White is for imagination......

Do you daydream?:


Are you very creative?:


Do you like fantasy and horror movies more than real-life based ones?:

I like them about evenly.

Who is your fave artist? Remember, artists aren't just painters and stuff.:

my favortie painter is Jackson Pollock and my favorite photographer is Richard Avedon.

Your favorite animated movie?:

hm...probably "The Lion King".

Do you love to draw?:

I like to draw, I don't know about "love".

If yes, what do you draw most of?:


Black is for fear.....

What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?:

ha ha..the ending to the french movie "Fat Girl".

Do you like scary video games?:

Not really.

What are some of your fears?:

I don't like heights.

Do you believe in ghosts?:

or what I like to call "Spirit Leftovers"








...haven't decided yet...

Do you have any fears of the future? (i.e.: something you fear will happen):

I think most people have a natural fear of death.

Are you scared of the dark?:


Do you like scary stories?:

sometimes ;)

Do you still dress up on Halloween?:

Not often enough.

You've made it to the end of the rainbow!!

*gives you a pot of gold*

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